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Summer Glow

  Looking to wear less make up this summer and have more fun time? Say no more, we have your solution. Our latest obsession is not only wallet friendly but also super easy to do! (yup, no measuring cups and jars involved). We are talking about a 20 minute at-home facial that will forever change your beauty routine. Hey Pinkgo Girl has been out on the market for a while now and is a cult favorite. Hey Pinkgo Girl face masks are made with all natural ingredients free of parabens and alcohol that give your skin that much needed boost. We are BEYOND obsessed with anything Korean beauty and these masks do not fall short from the mark, at a fabulous $12.50 per box (5-10 face masks per box) depending on which you get it is a steal. Not only will they even your texture, revitalize and bring a natural glow to your skin, they will also help speed up your morning routine as they create a smooth canvas for your make up and even make you go au naturel for the day. They go on very easily (no mess or residue) and some of them even come in a soft lace texture.   There's about ten different masks depending on what your target is. Whether you're looking for hydration, firming, minimize pores, or exfoliate your skin, there's one for everything! We have seriously tried them all so you can imagine it was hard coming up with our favorite one, with that said, we rounded it up to two! (we have not tried one we haven't liked btw) and how cute are these boxes? Seriously a must!!  

 Brightening White Yogurt

(Repairing, Firming, and Brightening)

Triple Hyaluronic Collagen

(Moisturizing, Smoothing, and Firming)

  Hope you give these face masks a try & love them as much as we do! Definitely worth the try. And remember, a beautiful complexion starts lots of water and a balanced diet! ;) Have you tried these face masks before? Let us know what you think and comment below! xx Ordinary Matter Team.   Follow us: IG: @shopordinarymatter FB: /shopordinarymatter  

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